Monday, 16 August 2010

1992: The Year Reading Peaked - Tickets On Sale

Tickets for Dan 4 Or 5's unique August Bank Holiday all-dayer are now on sale for just £5. And that's not all - Dan has also gone back in time to 1992 to create a poster using the finest home computing technology of the day.

In late August 1992, on a rainy Sunday evening on a farm in Berkshire, UK, Kurt Cobain was pushed out on a big stage in a wheelchair - an ironic riposte to his widely reported health problems - to perform what must surely be the greatest ever performance at the Reading Festival.

Halfway across the globe in Japan, on the preceeding Friday, what was, and almost certainly still is, the best multiplayer video game of all time - Super Mario Kart - was released.

And so, on Saturday 28th August 2010, we bring these two momentous occasions together in one room, 18 years on, for a celebration of how it used to be.

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