Saturday, 28 August 2010

Crooked Mountain, Crooked Sea Look Back On EP Tour

Fresh from touring their new EP, Andy from Crooked Mountain, Crooked Sea reports in:

Drove for a thousand miles and screamed at three floors in the north and three ceilings in the south.
Played old and new and unpracticed songs, some well and some badly.
Let's keep it interesting.
Amateurs were really good, I hope they carry on playing and recording lots. They're not scared of a hook or two. I watched them getting better every night which was no mean feat.
Our own new songs took shape on stage and are taking shape on my computer screen, keep your ear to the ground.
It's a dangerous game to take too seriously.

Here are some things that I found out:
There's a surprise rush hour at 2pm on Fridays around London.
Once you run a car battery completely flat it never charges again.
As adults we are far better inventors of childish ball games than we ever were as children.
Nitkowski are the last band you'd want to follow on a line up.
Ginger beer and rum is a really good drink.

Thanks to everyone.


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