Monday, 12 April 2010

Fighting With Wire Bones Of The Twilight Update

Hey everyone, sorry for keeping you all waiting but we want to make sure we have everything right and in place for this new record as the first one kind of took us by surprise. I can confirm that most of the album is recorded working title Bones of the Twilight we have 4 tracks left to do which we'll be starting first week of May in Nashville (shouldn't take too long) the whole thing should be mixed mastered and ready by the end of may start of June though we still have to set a release date.

SXSW was great we played mostly new material and loved it so did Rolling Stone I think: "FIGHTING WITH WIRE: Gnashing Irish crunch-pop terrorizes a pub. Like Foo Fighters for ugly people (and that’s a compliment)."

We're excited about touring again and can't wait to play these songs for you guys. In the meantime go and lend your support to our good friends Lafaro and ASIWYFA who will be touring like dirty beasts through May and into the summer festival madness.

Oh and check out this band American Fangs they kick ass and have a 7song EP on iTunes which I strongly recommend you go and buy.

Thanks for your patients


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