Friday, 2 April 2010

ASIWYFA/LaFaro Tour Diary Part 1


So we're on the road again for a jaunt with our good buddies And So I Watch You From Afar playing England, Scotland AND Wales! it's a short 10 date tour but we'll try to keep you postedwith our shenanigans and hilarious jams as we go...

DAY 1 then.

Ferry was at 7am so we had an early start which for anyone who knows us, does not agree with our well being...). Our good friend DD Ball is tour managing these shows with us so seeing his wee face at 5:30 made it all bearable! Got to the mecca that is larne to be told we had been booked at 10:30. Instant rage due to lost sleep. Got our ferry changed to 8:30 and hung about waiting for it.

A bumpy ferry ride, long drive from Cairnryan and quick stop at the friendliest shop EVER and we arrived in Liverpool. Cue much accent mockery ( Behhhhhrt Bacchhhhhaaaarackkkkkk! ) and load in. Imagine our surprise to find a bottle of Buckfast on the ASIWYFA rider...dirty boys...

The gig itself was great, we won a good few people over I think. After that we proceeded to work our way through our rider with promoter and all round nice guy Chris Wareing before leaving to stay with our friend Rob in Bradford. Which would have been a lot easier if we hadn't been stopped by the police as we left Liverpool......a panicky, sweaty 10 minutes later we were told by a very kind officer to get the people in the back without seatbelts to travel in another vehicle so ASIWYFA cam back to collect Alan, DD and Jonny before we set off again.

It turns out that Dave ,who was driving, should have been fined sixty quid and given 3 points on his licsence but he somehow managed to sweet talk the officer round to the fact that we are a struggling rock band trying to make a name for ourselves in the UK. It seems the officer took pity on this and changed his mind about charging us and decided to warn us instead. Old silver toungue Magee strikes again!

Anyway, we did make it to Bradford in the end and had a good night's sleep and here we are about to set sail for York for tonight's showw in Fibbers, should be fun! So we're all fine for now and we'll be in touch again soon.

Peace out blap


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