Thursday, 8 April 2010

ASIWYFA/LaFaro Tour Diary Part 2

Well hello there. Sorry we haven't spoken in a few days, it seems we've been far too busy living the good life to catch up. I should explain.... When we last spoke, the eight-legged riff machine ( that's LaFaro ) had begun their day in Bradford after a night of sweaty giggage, altercations with the law and poor sleep. The mission was to get to York. So the story continues...... Our intrepid rockers arrived safely in York, met the lovely Andy and the charming Joff of Fibbers fame and swiftly set about finding the nearest guitar shops. Which were all closed. In what seemed like a fair substitute they instead opted for the Cornish Pasty shop. Omnomnomnom. Why doesn't Belfast have one of these?! Biggest and best pasties in the land. As showtime approached we were graced with te presence of one Sam LaFaro ( anyone who regularly checks our myspace will see Sams name about the place ). What a thoroughly lovely chap! The show was awesome, great crowd of folks and some familiar faces. Post-show 90s disco was a must ( Scatman?! Yes, have some ) then Sam and wife Becky were kind enough to put us up for the night and feed us millions of sausages the next morning. From York to Glasgow then where we managed to arrive at exactly the same time as the ASIWYFA lads despite our sat nav doing it's best to get us lost. The legendary John and Bruce of Firestorm always put in a good show and a great spread. Those boys look after us too well... Some lasagne sandwiches and copious amount of Irn Bru later and it was rock o'clock. Gig was great fun and the crowd were up for it (they don't all look like the cast of Trainspotting yknow...). ASIWYFA proceeded to literally rip the place apart with LaFaro thankfully on hand as techs to make sure the PA didn't fall over as Tony and Rory kept off it. Maniacs. We're too old for that shit. A few drinks later and it was back to Kirstys who was putting us up (treat) but not without somehow managing to acquire two fellas at a set of traffic lights. Jonny Black strikes again ("You boys lookin a wee dick?"). Sore heads the next morning for a short trip to Edinburgh where the ever-awesome folks at Bannermans were our hosts this time. Chris, Neil and Rob are a great bunch of lads alrite. Pre show Ghost Tour courtesy of our good chum Nadine combined with John Firestorms enciladas earlier in the evening ensured that the gig was a pure tense one. And if that wasn't enough to shake things up, Chris plied us with Whisky most of the night, what a gent. By the time ASIWYFA had started their set the walls were ACTUALLY dripping! Great show all round. Mucho mucho boozing in the upstairs apartment after a quick trip to Sneaky Petes for Jaegerbomb-ageddon led to the clippers coming out. Pics to follow folks... Complete with hangovers all round and brandishing new haircuts like they were offensive weapons, Belfasts favourite eejits made their way to Newcastle. Home to Jimmy Nail, Chris Rea and many other fmous folk with mockable accents. The O2 Academy was the venue this time and we arrived to see ASIWYFAs name in HUGE letters above the door. Neat! Quick soundcheck then a trip to Burger King complete with what seemed like a live Jeremy Kyle show outside as a group of soapdodgers aired their grievances in the street much to the amusement of the onlooking fast food noshers. Cue blows being dealt and the local rozzers arriving. Great entertainment.... Our good mates Knuckle Dragger were opening the show, great to see them as ever. They ripped the place a new one, we did our best riffage complete with banter including such classics as "Gum us off ya mucky slut" and "Telecaster for sale" then made way for Chris, Johnny, Rory and Tony. Another great show all round then back to Knuckle Dragger HQ for Buckfast all round! Manchester was next on the map so the red rocket made it's way there sharpish filled with some very tired heads. Quick soundcheck and an attempt to type this blog before not saving it and having to do it all again, then doors opened. Some old and new friends managed to make it along ( Ian Mac, The Helsinki lads, Hana, Sat Nav Sam and Sarah, Ben - all legends ). Odd crowd tho who seemed more intent on talking all night rather than listening to us or ASIWYFA. Mind you, this didn't stop either of us from trying to win 'em over. Loudly. After loadout it was back to our TM/Merchdude/Morale Manager DDs good mate Lauras flat for red wine and kip. In that order. Sold out show in London next then. Whatever will happen?! Stay tuned for more folks! LaFaro X

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