Friday, 12 March 2010

Updated: LaFaro Album Launch Tickets Sold Out

Is 'onsale' one word or two, or hyphenated - I'm not sure anyway, thank christ it's Friday - I'm stressed to the max because I've haven't ironed my pants and socks yet for SXSW and we leave on Tuesday - is this enough time for so many pairs of pants?

So much uncertainty in my life - yet so much CLARITY over the news that the LaFaro album launch show tickets have gone on sale this morning at 9AM. Get them now people while there hot and whilst others sleep you can bag yourself a first listen to a band at MAXIMUMRAWPOWER playing 100cap show in their hometown.

Oh yes, it's going to be good - STA know how to host an album launch show that's for certain.

Here be the details:
Mon 26th Apr, 2010
Belfast, The Menagerie
Doors: 9:00pm
Price: £5.00


The album is out on May 10th - but you can pre-order it from anywhere in the world with an exclusive bonus disc (of yet to be decided quantity and quality material - get the finger out boys) on the all shiny new STA Store. There is a dead duck on the front, you don't want to know how much bother that was to sort out.

Never work with children, or dead animals or bands.

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