Monday, 19 October 2009

Fighting With Wire Album #2 Update

hey everyone,

its been a wee while since i've posted on here, yes i know i'm a terrible terrible bastard, so i thought i'd fill you in on everything fww.

we're currently in nashville recording our follow up to man vs monster in a beautiful studio with the fantastic nick raskulinecz producing we are indeed very excited. The panpipes are fucking creepy lol.

so far we've been rehearsing everyday getting up to scratch and working through all the new material, there's quite a lot so it's difficult to choose what goes on the album, but its a nice problem to have i guess.

everyone is in good health apart form me, all this american food is turning me into fat cahir lol i just can't help it, i have to eat all the fucking time and obscene amounts too, we have to get back on tour soon so i can sweat this out, its killing me damn it!

i don't think we'll be touring until the new year which is a bummer, we've been working so hard to get this new album right we've had to stop touring for a while but it'll be worth it folks.

so thats all the craic really, thanks for being patient and thanks for supporting our band it means a lot to us.


sam is a wee babe without his help we are geese, FACT!

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