Saturday, 3 October 2009

4 Or 5 Magicians Vs Myspace (And Other News)

Here's the latest from Ormsby HQ in Brighton via the 4 Or 5 Magicians Myspace blog:

Firstly you can now pre-order our debut album 'Empty, Derivative Pop Songs' from the Smalltown America website by going to, finding it, and ordering it (couldn't get the cocking direct link to work - myspace BASTARDS!). Apologies for the wonky page, apparently this is an inavoidable coding thing to do with the site due to the length of the album title or something...

The first 25 pre-orders will receive a free 'Live In Bristol' CD, of a 9 song set we recorded at The Croft in February. It's a pretty raucous, drunk performance, but me and my main man (and album keyboard maestro) Mike Lord have mixed it really loud so it blasts outta yo speakers. So yeah, super-fun, and super-limited - get ordering!

As an additional point, if you pre-order, you will definitely receive the album by the release date of October 26th, and may well receive the album before October 26th if the stock arrives early. Also please note the album will now not be available in most shops until November 2nd.

I have just today confirmed the final show to complete our ten date tour with our buddies The Muscle Club in November. Here are the dates :

Thursday 5th - CARDIFF Buffalo Bar
Friday 6th - KIDDERMINSTER Tap House
Saturday 7th - NORTHAMPTON Roadmender (venue TBC)
Sunday 8th - LONDON Flowerpot
Monday 9th - PORTSMOUTH Cellars
Tuesday 10th - BRIGHTON Hobgoblin
Wednesday 11th - SOUTHAMPTON Hamptons
Thursday 12th - BRISTOL Start The Bus
Friday 13th - NEWPORT OTT
Saturday 14th - OXFORD Vacuous Pop @ The Cellar

It's a co-headline, some dates we will be on last, some dates The Muscle Club will be on last, and on a couple of dates there is a seperate headliner. More info as I have it!

I am now focusing on booking some shows in the north of England (and perhaps Scotland) on the above dates. So if anyone out there wants to book us, or knows anyone that might want to book us, or if you are a band that would like to play with us, or simply a person that would like us to visit your town, then please get in touch! We have a vague route planned, a couple of TBCs, and a show confirmed in Leicester for December 3rd, but apart from that we have a pretty open schedule. Please get in touch if you want to put us on!

I'm sure there was some other stuff but I'll do another blog / bulletin as I remember it.

Dan x

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