Thursday, 1 October 2009

And So I Watch You From Afar: Tony Speaks!

Well, types...

Greetings and Salutations one and all. Here we are again, on the road, kinda like Jack Kerouac but without the beatniks. Well, most of the time...

We're just over two weeks in and although THIS particular tour is drawing to a close, this is merely a preface, or an introduction if I may, to what is essentially a 3 month stint. If everything goes according to plan we'll be going as far as Moscow and St Petersburg with everywhere in between. Speaking personally, I've never left Western Europe so I can't fucking wait. The excitement is a strange mixture of trepidation through fear and uncertainty and exhilaration through fear and uncertainty. I'm sure you'll hear all about it either here or chatting to us at shows (we always love a chat!).

This tour, so far, has been great. A real step up from previous tours in terms of attendance and a whole host of other boring shit, but mainly the people we've met along the way and the enthusiasm thats came coupled along with those people, all of YOU out there, you know who I'm talking about! Internally within the band we've had our little quarrels, never anything serious I hope you understand, and the great thing about when we argue, it only serves to bring us closer together again, for the time being anyway!

The new van really helps too. We'd never been a band who stayed in hotels or anything like that, for the sole reason we're a tight fisted bunch of losers who put every penny made back into the band so we can finance the next tour/EP/album/whatever, so having a van that we can properly sleep in has made life that little bit easier. In some ways its made certain aspects of touring a little less interesting but on the other hand its opened up a whole new set of circumstances that we never had to face before. I'm pretty sure everywhere we have parked up to sleep, the people in the neighbourhood have been thinking we're Irish travellers and we've settled there for the foreseeable future, and in a few ways, they're totally correct.

Anyway I gotta go and see if my trousers still smell of wheaten bread. Don't ask me how but after several gigs that's what they start to reek of. That, and awesomeness. Naturally.

See you down the front. I'll be the one in the stinkin' trousers.

Over and Out



We've just been informed that you guys have the chance to win an opportunity to interview us for a music magazine and win guest list for two people at an ASIWYFA show of your choice and win two T-Shirts AND (drumroll please) a beer from the rider (if Johnny doesn't get to it first!).

Question - Where do ASIWYFA decamp to write and demo new material?

Answers to

Good luck people!

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