Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Fighting With Wire Album #2 - The Story So Far

Taking a break from getting to know the Nashville locals, here's a bit of a scoop from Cahir on the details for FWW's follow up to Man Vs Monster -

So, we've started tracking the first few songs for the album which we're currently calling 'Bones Of The Twilight' - this of course could all change

Erase You
I Won't Let You Down
Didn't Wanna Come Back Home
Waiting On A Way To Believe
Dead Memory
The Great Escape
A Call To Arms
I Had A Plan
When Good Guys Turn Bad

It's sounding pretty good - so far we're very excited. I'm gonna try and keep you all in the loop as much as I can so stay tuned for more news.

Jamie and I are dying with pollen/dust/animal hair allergies *sneeze* *cough* anyone got any advice on how to deal with it?

Kiss my face!


We've heard a few snippets of some of these songs here at STA Towers and in a word - TIGHT

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