Thursday, 14 February 2008

Giant Isopods Ate My Well-Known Brand of Corn Chip

My friend Theo plays guitar in a band called Pocus Whiteface - the eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed that we stock one of their 7"s on the STA store - and they're one of the most DIY-as-fuck bands I've come across in recent months. The 7" we've got is super limited, self-released, has a sleeve designed by one of the band and comes with a bonus CDR featuring both tracks as audio tracks and mp3s, as well as a 6-track bonus mp3 EP. Their next release is going to be a hand-cut 10", limited to 10 copies.

And now... Now they've done this:

This ties in nicely with what I was saying to a director I met with at the end of last week (coming soon: an amazing Alan MX video!), that the best videos have a brilliant idea behind them, rather than big production values. The idea, in this case, stems from this photo and, one suspects, a bit too much of the home-made fruit-infused vodka Theo is fond of...

Keep an eye out for Public Service Broadcast 10, it's slated to include a brand new Pocus track.

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TheoGB said...


Totally no use of vodka was involved. Instead we imbibed Jamaican Dragon Stout at 7.5%!

Mmmmm. Bizarrely it tastes great.