Sunday, 24 February 2008


"This album is so phenomenal. Smalltown America, Jetplane Landing, Andrew Ferris from Jetplane Landing, it's a very reputable, very cool, very independent record label. Not those independents that go and sign deals with major labels and get all their money... This is independent, you know. Northern Irish music, Smalltown America, Jetplane Landing is the band, fantastic. Cahir from Jetplane Landing starts this band, Fighting With Wire, they come out and they make this record like a while ago, Man Vs Monster, absolutely phenomenal from the start to the end, a flawless modern rock record, completely done independent, flown to the States, sign a big deal with Atlantic Records. It's all coming out in the next couple of months, bells and whistles, the whole thing, and I couldn't be happier. That's the story, here's the record, radios up, no excuses, GO!"

Zane Lowe there, on Fighting With Wire's forthcoming "Everyone Needs A Nemesis" 7" single, right before he played it for about the eighth time. Trust me when I say this: it's currently a bit crazy down at STA Towers right now, but there's LOADS of good stuff forthcoming and I'm super excited about all of it.

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goatboy said...

It's nice to see Zane give FWW some recognition, but holy fuck, not an awful lot of that makes any sense.