Friday, 5 November 2010

There's Nothing Wrong With Covers III, Sat 18th Dec, Brixton

On Saturday 18th December 2010 at The Windmill in Brixton, the night that celebrates the best of classic 80s/90s and modern undergound British indie rock 'There's Nothing Wrong With Covers' returns for a third installment with a mixture of past favourites and exciting new acts.

BANANIRVANA as Nirvana - 10:00pm to 11:00pm

Following on from August's rapturously received recreation of Nirvana's much lauded Reading 1992 performance featuring a guitarist, a bass player, a drummer, and an array of different Kurts on vocals (including a female Kurt, a Newcastle Brown Ale necking Chinese Kurt, and even a harmonising Kurt duo), Bananirvana are back with their unique live Nirvana karaoke act performing classic album 'In Utero' in full plus an encore (well, you know, if the crowd want it) of selected other hits. Get in touch if you fancy being a Kurt on the night - all we ask is you learn the words properly and can sing a bit!

SPECIAL GUESTS TBC - 9:00pm to 9:45pm

Excellent band perfoming as excellent band to be announced in due course!

BAND OF PRICKS as Guided By Voices - 7:45pm to 8:45pm

The greatest band from Dayton, Ohio (perhaps, even, the whole of the world) of all time Guided By Voices recently reformed with the classic lineup from their most critically acclaimed period of existence - 1990 to 1996. It remains to be seen whether they will be coming to the UK or just reserving this reunion for American ears. Fingers crossed they make it over, but either way, GBV tribute act, the pun-derfully monikored Band Of Pricks, who at past shows have been likened in terms of energy, enthusiasm, and downright rock and rollability to GBV at their peak, are back with a 25ish song set of material from the 1990 to 1996 period. The set will feature songs from all albums during the period, as well as a variety of EPs and rarities, and some songs GBV have never even performed live themselves.

KANNBERG 1664 as Pavement - 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Everyone into indie rock is a Pavement fan, right? Well Alexei from Johnny Foreigner, Craig from Internet Forever, Aaron from Eelectricity and Lust, and Dan from 4 or 5 Magicians are no exceptions, and they got together to play a Pavement tribute night in May, where they were described by more than one member of the assembled (and possibly slightly drunk) crowd as "actually better than Pavement". It seemed like a perfect opportunity to reform for a Reading 1992 retrospective show in August with a set of early hits, and as both were so fun and so well received they are returning for a third time here with another almost totally different set of slacker rock classics for all you indie rock fans!

EELECTRICITY & LUST as REM - 6:15pm to 6:45pm

Eelectricity & Lust have been rapidly gaining plaudits and a loyal following in London over the past year. Local lads from Brixton, they mix elements of the great American indie rock bands of yesteryear with classic and modern British punk rock influences. Perhaps most important of all to them are the REM of the 1980s, who (and it has perhaps been largely forgotten these days) were a huge influence on such indie heroes as Sonic Youth and The Replacements, not to mention Nirvana, Pavement, and Guided By Voices! E&L will be performing a split set between their own highly promising material and that of REM.

RAYMOND DETRITUS presents Christmas with Raymond - 5:30pm to 6:00pm

When not doing his best Krist Novoselic impression in Bananirvana, Jon Wood works on his irreverent project Raymond Detritus, the self proclaimed "singer-songwriter that can't sing or write songs". Sometimes he plays an 8 string baritone guitar in a four piece band, sometimes there are just three of them, sometimes it is just him and a friend, sometimes it is just him playing a ukulele on his own. Who knows what he is gonna do here, but I am under the impression he will be performing some of his self penned songs about Christmas (as featured on his 'Christmas with Raymond' EP), and maybe even a rendition of 'Jingle Bells' or 'Away In A Manger'.

Doors at 5:00pm : £5 advance, £6 on the door : DJs playing indie rock hits (and perhaps a few Christmas classics) until late. Tickets on sale now.


The last one of these was possibly the most fun I have ever had. Who is coming this time around?


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