Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Fickle Public On Jon Hillcock New Noise Podcast

The opening track from next month's Fickle Public EP gets a spin on one of the best new music podcasts going, Jon Hillcock's New Noise. Jon deems the EP to be brilliant yet bittersweet - just what your mp3 player needs so keep an eye on the sidebar on the right for download details ahead of the December 13th release date. And be sure to subscribe to Jon's weekly mailout to get a comprehensive list of the week's essential new releases, blogged downloads and London gigs, in addition to said podcast.

This week's New Noise mailout is brought to you with the help of a hangover from John Kennedy's The Remedy all dayer, Blue Moon Beer, Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon in The Trip, porridge with the fruit bit from a Muller Corner chucked in, Stereolab's wonderful 'Not Music' album, being finally comfortable with wearing big 'LOOK AT ME! I'M LISTENING TO MUSIC!' headphones in public, Dels smashing up the Barfly and two stunningly beautiful cold, slightly foggy days. Contained within the metaphorical walls of this week's audio excursion (or, um, free downloadable podcast) are Snow White samples, defunct Scottish hardcore, one of the most talked about hip hop productions of the moment, a pregnant pause, a re-recorded lyrical treat, a couple of brilliant demos, a fair helping of actual noise and a warm, looping pop gem. There is also a song that might make you cry. Thanks for listening. Tell someone if you like it and stuff. Jon

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New Noise Podcast - 15th November 2010: Tracklist
1. Pogo 'Wishery' (-) download free from
2. Fickle Public ‘Adam Hocing’ (Smalltown America) from mini album ‘Greatest Hits’ out 13th December
3. Wretch 32 ft L ‘Traktor’ (Levels/Ministry of Sound) single out 16th Jan
4. Part Chimp ‘You Decide’ (Gringo) buy now via Part Chimp Bandcamp
5. Pregnant ‘Wiff of Father’ (from Bow Legs Music)
6. Wave Pictures ‘Now You Are Pregnant’ (Moshi Moshi) from ‘Jonny Helm Sings’ EP out 20th December
7. Peers ‘Football’ (demo) download free from Peers Tumblr
8. Yusuf Azak ‘The Key Underground’ (Song, By Toad) from album ‘Turn on The Long Wire’
9. Bo Ningen ‘4 Seconds To Ascension’ (Stolen Recordings) from album ‘Bo Ningen’ out now
10. White Wishes ‘Hold Your Head’ (-) download free from White Wishes Bandcamp

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