Saturday, 6 November 2010

Cargo Collective November 2010

STA Recommends...

Harmonious Bec
Her Strange Dreams
Monotreme CD
Japanese duo ‘ZaMaRoo’ and ‘from Vapor To Water’ debut with their dazzling dreamscape of intriguing, eclectic electronica. RIYL: DJ Shadow, Múm, BoC, Clouddead, FourTet ,The Books.

Long Live
Fire Records LP / CD
Recently back from a US tour opening for Owen Pallett, Snowblink's debut album Long Live offers shadowy folk-pop with hints of Animal Collective and Phil Spector.

Denovali CD / LP
Reverb soaked guitars, crackling electronics and deadpan dark-wave meditation create an abstract dronescape of industrial dirge and metallic ambience coalesced into an ambitious whole.

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