Tuesday, 2 February 2010

LaFaro: Life On The Road Continueth


I type this from Manchester, ex-Debonaire Ian Mac's house to be exact. The man is a gift from the rock gods...

So here's what has happened with us since we last spoke via the medium of 'blog' :

We stayed with the lovely Matt Young ( Singer in Landmarks - check em out...) in Lincoln for a couple of days. On Thursday we took in a little culturewith a walk up to Lincoln Cathedral ( **WOW**). Needed a pint after that...

Straight to Leeds on Friday to stay with Sir Rob of Anderson in the lovely village of Baildon. Another day off means another trip to the pub so off we went to what felt like a school night out. Everyone in Baildon is 19 it seems. We met a girl who was on hit TV show and ultimately failed John Fashanu career vehicle 'Gladiators' who showed us she could put her leg behind her head. Well done you.

Saturday was gig day so after a much needed brunch we hit the road for Carpe Diem in Leeds centre. Great gig,great crowd, great people and a couple of nice bands too.

No Tiamo, I'm not talking about you. For you to be a 'nice' band you would have to at least ask to use our gear before you play,or maybe thank us afterwards for using it rather than play your brand of indie-pose-rock like four haircuts looking for a game of 'Slap Me, I'm a Douchebag' then leave straight after your set taking what few underage people you brought to the show with you....

Rant over.

After the show we had the mammoth drive from Leeds to Edinburgh to leave J Bizzle AKA Jonny Black, at the airport. A man so in demand, he had to fly back for a show at the Black Box in Belfast on Sunday afternoon then fly back the next day. We then had to drive straight back from Edinburgh to Manchester to stay with Ian, catching a couple of hours kip at a services. Brrrrrr.

Got to Manchester, home to Simply Red, Sir Alex Ferguson and Jack Duckworth around 11am and have had a couple of days off taking in some sights ( Old Trafford - Yeeeeooooo!).

Our good buddies ASIWYFA are in town with Oceansize tonight so we have that to look forward to later then next stop Derby on Thursday.

Up ye.

Talk soon,
Dave LaFaro

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