Sunday, 21 February 2010

LaFaro: It's Raining Severed Heads!

The Helsinki Seven/LaFaro travelling freakshow rolls on.........

I have seen Nick Cowling's cock and balls more than I have seen my own in the last week. I don't particularly mind, it's all new. We played in Manchester after Man Utd beat AC Milan yeo and hung out with Ian and Paddy, it was fun and games and fun and games.......then we hit Leeds, where we had a guest saxophone player for a song. From leeds we went to sheffield where we made too many Def Leppard jokes and partied with Oisin and 'Daniel Maytree'. Well, I say 'we', I mean 'they'....I fell asleep under a table instead. Then began the fun of a 5 hour drive to Glasgow to play the 13th note, which was AWESOME! After that we headed to nice n sleazys for a wee drink & said hello to Bill Mastodon and James Biffy as well as plenty of friends from back home, a strange night which ended in Gok Wan's cousin's house but a good night all the same. Props to Bruce, Stella, Ian, Sarah & Laila, Andrea & Stef, James, Niall, Kathy and Jesus for making it all possible.

Last night was Henry's cellar in Edinburgh and a certain Nick Cowling's birthday so we had a few more drinks with the good friends that we have in this part of the world. Big GIGGIDY PROPS to Rick, Anouska, Alan Davidson and his lovely wife, Sander, Matthew, Nadine, Owen Morris and Norah, the nicest and certainly prettiest soundwoman we've ever had.

We were supposed to be in Stoke tonite but, alas, it has been cancelled because we're TOO FUCKING AWESOME so we shall head back to Northwich for the night before driving to London tomorrow to play with Let our enemies beware & hang out with a few more friends.

We're all pretty tired right now, 5 weeks on the road, sleeping on floors and getting shitfaced every night while rocking hard for 45 minutes every night takes it's toll but we're still having lots of fun. Going home will be weird but we'll give it a go. We've been drunk but well behaved. Kinda.

It's like a beautiful summers day here in Edinburgh but it's cold as fook. Boring weather's not much of a conversation this is it? Ive been talking for ages and you haven't even said " Oh that's nice Herb, sounds like you're having fun!" Pfffffffffffffft I'm away on now, there is a fine-ass bacon smell coming from Rick's kitchen so i'm gonna EAT.

Stay classy anonymous internet surfer, stay classy.

Herb x

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