Wednesday, 28 January 2009

The Weather Underground - A New Project

Stephen McCauley and myself have begun work on a new project called The Weather Underground. It is an alternative music programme which will feature live performances cut with good promo videos.

At the moment, it is a very DIY set-up and will exist, for the time being, on the internet only. We're going to focus on Adebisi Shank for our first episode. Our plan is to record 2 songs with them at the soundcheck of their gig in Mason's this Friday (it's free by the way). Hopefully they are going to perform "You Me" and "Colin Skehan". We're also going to film a little interview.

This is a lo-fi, DIY project and we'll be recording it using only one camera and 2 mics. The footage will be available for everyone to use/blog and disseminate via the internet. It's just another way that we want to try and tell you about some amazing new bands.

As with all ideas like this, it's only worthwhile if people like it - so I'll post the youtube link next week - it would be great to hear some feedback as it will really help us improve the show and idea. What do you love/what sucks about music programmes these days?

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