Saturday, 17 January 2009

Public Service Blogcast Episode 17

Ten great tunes from the ever-growing pile plus a reminder that the last Fighting With Wire UK tour for a little while begins Jan 22nd - all the dates are here so don't miss out!

Public Service Blogcast Episode 17
34 minutes 05 seconds
Recorded 17/01/09

00.29 Bears From Labrador - God (from Wilderness EP - Hero Rhymes With Zero Records)
04.21 BATS - Death To Kent Hovind (from Cruel Sea Scientist EP - Richter Collective)
06.10 Cloak/Dagger - Walk the Block (from We Are album - Jade Tree)
08.48 Edie Sedgwick - Sissy Spacek (from Things Are Getting Sinister And Sinisterer album - Dischord)
11.40 Electric Owls - Magic Show (from Magic Show EP - self-released)
15.40 Exotic Animal Petting Zoo - These People Refuse To Believe That The Lake Is Bottomless (from I Have Made My Bed In Darkness album - Mediaskare Records)
20.58 Joy Of Sex - December, Month Of Plenty (from self-titled self-released EP)
22.53 Lanterns - Midnight Psalms (Alright!) (from Apocalypse Youth EP - self-released)
26.50 The Pity Party - HOTS (from Hotwork EP - self-released)
30.18 Prego - Cause And Resolve (from Cause And Resolve single)

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