Thursday, 27 March 2008

New Alan MX blog

Check it out, "Young Alan" (as he's known at STA Towers, he goes by Alan MX in the real world) has gone and got himself a blog! Go read some stuff about his forthcoming Warpsichord LP and about the creative process behind it - what inspired it, how he made it and stuff. It's now finally mixed (by the golden hands of Harvey "Backlash Cop" Birrell), artwork is being prepared (by the gold hands of Matthew "Public Service Broadcast 9" Barnes), and it's going to be out sometime in the next few months. It's pretty exciting. I know it's natural that one should be excited about artists you're releasing and suchlike, but I really do feel this is going to be a special record to (hopefully!) a lot of people.

More soon. Over and out. Etc etc.

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