Saturday, 15 March 2008

Macmillan 'Cancer Rubbish' Charity Project

Good friend of Jetplane Landing (remember those guys); Peter Young has put together a compilation CD all profits from which will be donated to Macmillan - the cancer care nursing charity. Costing a paltry £7 the CD can be ordered via Big Cartel. Meet Me In St. Louis, Yndi Haldi and some old blokes shouting about revolutions being the particular highlights.

If nothing else you should buy this CD from Peter because he lives in Sheerness in Kent - which I've played in and is scary - and I come from Derry.

Tracklist me up:
  1. Bout To Get Fruit Punched - The Wonder Years
  2. Serious - Crash Romeo
  3. Delta - The Filaments *previously unreleased*
  4. Rude Boy - Babylon Whackers *previously unreleased*
  5. Ship Ahoy - Pickled Dick
  6. Im High - Fandangle
  7. Sound of a revolution - Sonic Boom Six
  8. Doves With Hawk Heads - Suicide Bid *previously unreleased*
  9. We Are the Ordinary - Over It (acoustic version)
  10. Fan the Flames - Luke Leighfield
  11. Dash and Blast - Yndi Haldi
  12. Fix Up - Johnny One Lung *previously unreleased*
  13. This Is not revolution Rock - Jetplane Landing
  14. All We need Is a Little Energon, And A Lot of Luck - Meet Me In St Louis
  15. Skeleton Crew - The Ruined
  16. Infected - This is Hell
  17. Another Sinking Ship - Sikth
There will also be a gig to launch the CD on April 19th - the headliners being My Awesome Compilation. Details for all that can be found here.

Good on ya Peter.

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