Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Skibunny EP Tour Diary Part 2

Thurs 24th June - After a few days off the tour continues, starting in my mother’s hometown of BATHGATE. We’re playing in Harley’s – “Midlothian’s no.1 live music venue”. There are 5 other acts on the bill, 3 of them play only covers. One of them plays 2 Oasis songs in a row. Clearly this is going to be a tough crowd. But I think we get away with it!

Fri 25th June – GLASGOW’s venue has been double booked, so we are moved to a slot downstairs in Maggie Mays. There’s a good turnout and although nobody knows who we are we receive a very warm welcome and leave with a bunch of new friends.

Sat 26th June – Can’t believe this is only our first EDINBURGH show! We’re playing Electric Circus, a great wee venue with amazing karaoke rooms. MIAOUX MIAOUX are also on the bill, it’s nice to finally get a proper chance to chat to Julian, he’s a lovely chap, check out his stuff immediately! PILOTCAN are playing too, the new line up sounds good, and later their soundman gets in trouble for making it too loud! Despite the 16 or so screens on the back wall, we are unable to make our visuals work but even with the technical problems it’s a fun gig. It’s great to finally play for some old friends and afterwards there is much catching up to be done.

Sun 27th June – Pretty excited to be back in FIFE again. We played at The Greenside in Leslie before, supporting YUCK, so it’s cool to be back headlining so soon. We’ve just found out that the other band on the bill (Be A Familiar) have cancelled, which is a shame. But the gig is fun, the crowd is up for it, good times all round! One thing is for sure, Fife KNOWS how to party, not bad for a Sunday!

Fri 2nd July – We head north up to ABERDEEN for the final show of the tour. We go to a nearby courtyard bar to meet the promoter and watch the end of the football and then it’s back round to the venue. We’re playing the Polar Bear Club at Tunnels, a great venue that will soon be hosting the likes of Mudhoney and The Wedding Present. We are warned that the students are all away and that the club may be quieter than normal, but we manage to make everyone come down the front and it turns out to be quite a laugh.

So that’s the end of the tour then, we have a bunch of festivals still to play through the summer, then we’ll be touring the album release (6th September! Not long to go now!) Thanks to everyone who came along, hopefully you’ll spread the word and we’ll see you all again very very soon? Good stuff.


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