Thursday, 1 July 2010

In A Life Of Dream Thumbs Up for Alan MX

Alan MX successfully enters the realm of skittish electronica with his experimental use of electro beats and pop vocals, combining Thom Yorke's melodic sensibilities with some thumping Peaches-style breaks.

On his debut album 'Warpsichord', the aptly-named title track samples jittering strings, beats and lyrics that play on the subtle nuances of love and relationships in the 21st century, whilst 'The Captain America Video' delivers light-hearted pop with an almost pounding disco beat. The rest of the album continues to combine elements of electronica, dance and pop; remaining unique, lively yet dark.

For those of you who are partial to a bit of Bjork, PJ Harvey or Beck - and I don't know many who aren't - Alan MX's debut is out now on Small Town America, and you can catch some of this on his MySpace too.

In A Life Of Dream

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