Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Cahir FWW Guests On Party Fodder Podcast

Hey Everyone

The June edition of the Party Fodder podcast is now available or if you are an I-tunes spaz then you are more than encouraged to subscribe to it!

This month the Party Fodder Podcast takes a dive into the library of cuss and irreverence with an hilarious interview with Fighting With Wire's Cahir O'Doherty. We also stop by The Stiff Kitten to thread the language barrier with Iceland's finest FM Belfast, as well as brand new tracks from John Shelly and The Creatures, Robyn G Shiels, Clown Parlour and David Holmes. Wrap your ears round this lot then go in peace to love and serve your scene!

Clown Parlour - Stanley Kubrik
Key Of Atlas - Pure Black Spectrum
The Verona's - Head Rush
***Cahir O'Doherty Interview***
Fighting With Wire - All or Nothing

John Shelly and The Creatures - Killer
Robyn G Sheils - When we were Brothers
***FM Belfast Interview***
FM Belfast - Alaska in Winter
Paul Shevlin - You Wont Last the Night
Cutaways - Lover's are Lunatics
David Holmes - Living Room (Kevin Sheilds Remix)



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