Monday, 10 May 2010

LaFaro - Debut Album On Sale Today!

Today is a proud day in STA towers - we on this the 10th May 2010 release our 70th title on Smalltown America Records!

We couldn't be happier to mark this milestone with the self titled rawk behemoth from our favourite rock 'n' roll wrecking crew LaFaro >>>

KKKK - "...a thing of rampant power and joy. With a devotion to dirty groves and clobbering, belligerent riffs that boast more bite than Pac-Man on a dot gobbling binge..."

8|10 RockSound - " with a ferocious, frenetic spirit few bands could rival, and the lyrics are ace throughout."

Irish News - "...a short sharp shock of heavy, abrasive grunge rock carved from big dumb riffs, savage caveman drumming and the rantings of an evil old pervert."

Available now from all your local record stores as part of the May Cargo Collective.
Buy Online Now from >>>> Smalltown America

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