Sunday, 23 May 2010

4 Or 5 Magicians: New Line-up Announced

All change in the 4 or 5 Magicians ranks. It was a pretty mutual feeling between the entire band at the end of last year that the current era of 4 or 5 Magicians was coming to an end. Even though we had just (finally!) released our debut album, I'd been playing some of the songs since October 2005, and I needed a fresh start. Sam and Alex also decided they needed to focus on other commitments in life and said goodbye. Ivan wanted to stay on, and I was more than happy to have him, but alas now, he too has been forced to back out after a full year of active service due to a crazy work schedule involving working behind the scenes on T4, Something For The Weekend, and various popular music videos, reviewing girls netball matches for a local radio station, opening supermarkets in Port Talbot - that kind of thing. He may even be in Hollyoaks, seriously. So this all added up to a big lack of rehearsal and recording time and the distinct possibility he'd be forced to cancel shows left right and centre in the future. So he decided that it would be best for both parties if he retired gracefully. I'm sorry to see the guy go, and he is sorry to be leaving. A shame indeed.

However, we have a ready made replacement to plug into someone elses bass amp in the form of Brighton indie legend Ben Gregory whose rockkk band Everyone To The Anderson have been consistently one of the very best bands in Brighton since I moved there over six years ago. He also plays girly acoustic guitar in Curly Hair and apparently I am joining them on the drums, so look out for me doing that with them. Hopefully both bands will make it to the big time!

Also we have finally found a new guitarist after what seems like months and months. Actually it has been almost six months. Ridiculous. Anyway, he is Aslam Ghauri, a stalwart of the Kingston scene, and after our first rehearsal the other day, this kid has some dance moves! Looking forward to grooving with him on stage in the near future.

And we've already introduced you to James Thomas on drums, who is sounding excellent in rehearsals, and after two shows is already being talked about among loyal fans as "the best drummer yet!", which is saying something as we have had some pretty badass drummers in the past.

"Yet" is not a concept I'm thinking of right now though - this lineup looks set to stay in place for a long time. Which is a good thing.

Only problem is we will need a few shows to get properly rocking, so if you come see us in the next couple of months and it isn't quite there yet, then don't despair, as I can tell this is gonna work, and work very well, even after just one rehearsal.

I can't wait to get the new songs out there on the world. I think that they could well be very, very good. I currently have nine pretty much finished in my head, two of which we will be playing at our grand unveiling on June 4th in Brighton, and by the time our London debut comes around on July 9th, we will hopefully have, ahem, four or five ready. We will be demoing these songs over the coming couple of months as and when they become ready, and the aim is to record the album by late summer, and get it out there to everyone at the beginning of next year. Will be a couple of UK wide tours before then hopefully!

Think that's all for now. Quite excited to see how it all pans out!

Dan xx

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