Wednesday, 16 December 2009

LaFaro New Christmas Song

Hey all, since it's Christmas we've decided to give you all presents!!

First of all, there's a new Xmas song on our Myspace profile! Check it the fuck out!

Secondly, we're playing the Ulster Hall on Friday (still tickets left for this show, it's gonna be the show of the year!) with our good buddies ASIWYFA and if that isn't enough of a gift, if you come to the show you will be presented with the opportunity to purchase not one brand new never...before-heard song but TWO!

Two brand new songs! Never been heard! And they won't be on the album either.........

Thirdly, if you don't want to buy our new songs you can buy a brand spanking new LaFaro tshirt!!!!!!!!


We're too good to you lot, we really are............

Happy Hannukka,

LaFaro x

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