Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Public Service Blogcast Episode 58

Surrey's smart jangle-popsters Stagecoach present a blogcast that will please the song-hungry listeners among you, with not minimal but rather optimal chat and importantly loads of quality tunes. The Alcopop! 5-piece release a limited to 100 units seasonal acoustic single - presented in signed Chrissy cards - in mid December before hitting the Christmas party circuit (see below) and then touring with Elephants from Jan 29th at London's Buffalo Bar.

14 Dec 2009 - The Social (Alcopop Christmas Party w/Tellison & My First Tooth) London
19 Dec 2009 - Westend Centre (Tag Team w/Hold Your Horse Is, Shoes & Socks Off) Aldershot
20 Dec 2009 - The Windmill (4 Or 5 Magicians Christmas party) London

Public Service Blogcast Episode 58
35 minutes 14 seconds
Recorded 21/11/09
00.19 Stagecoach - Break (from We Got Tazers! EP - Alcopop!)
03.33 Hold Your Horse Is - Broken Sound (from AA single - Apres Vous)
07.20 Pavement - Major Leagues (from Terror Twilight album - Domino Records)
10.36 Algernon Cadwallader - Some Kind Of Cadwallader (from Some Kind Of Cadwallader album - Be Happy/Sars Records)
13.15 Dinosaur Pile Up - Beach Bug (from The Most Powerful EP In The World EP - Friends Vs Records)
17.54 Kevin Devine - Another Bag Of Bones (from Brother's Blood album - Big Scary Monsters)
21.38 Favours For Sailors - Broke Back Futon (from Demos cassette – Tough Love Records)
25.38 Talons - The Tragic Decline Of Buff Orpington
29.06 My First Tooth - Sleet & Snow (from My First Tooth & The Rubies split EP - Big Scary Monsters)
32.40 Stagecoach - Broke Piano (from The Holy Spirit limited Christmas single - Alcopop!)

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