Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Calories vs Slow Club

The following are all stolen from Rebecca Slow Club's twitter. Sometimes guys I really like the internets and the wonders it can bring forth.

edit: please note we're not taking this at all seriously, and we certainly don't think Rebecca is a cow. It's just REALLY FUNNY. REALLY REALLY FUNNY. Seriously, I love Slow Club. Their set at Latitude was just to die for. <333333

SO ANGRY the name 'Calories' for a band is taken and they r SHIT. SO UPSET
about 1 hour ago from web

oh ppl are mad cos i said they were shit. maybe they are not but im too bored to listen to anymore. sorry.
39 minutes ago from web

GOD world sorry Calories are great
38 minutes ago from web

oh, now im worried i started band beef. i didn't mean it Calories. i'm a massive cow in a shit band. there i said it for you.
35 minutes ago from web

Its just that your band name is SO GOOD and im jealous. cos im that kinda girl.
32 minutes ago from web

Calories release a new EP through Big Scary Monsters next Monday, and new album Habitations will follow through us early next year. Slow Club are ace and their album Yeah So is out now via Moshi Moshi.

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