Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Public Service Blogcast Episode 7

On this week's PS-Bl show Brian files his post-Rage Against The Joyriders report; ace new tunes from Plus/Minus, Situationists, Collapsing Cities and O'Death; plus an especially poor Jackie Gleason impression (thanks Sunset Cinema Club!)

Public Service Blogcast Episode 7
39 minutes no seconds
Recorded 29/10/08

00.29 Rabbit Transit - This Ain't No Marley Raggae (from self released debut album)
04.06 Plus/Minus - Subdued (from Xs On Your Eyes album - Absolutely Kosher Records)
08.16 Panda Kopanda - Spirals (from forthcoming Hope album)
Rage Against The Joyriders update
15.42 Pope Joan - Pocket Of Change (from Hot Water, Lines and Rickety Machines album - OIB Records)
20.07 Situationists - Onwards And Upwards (from Onwards And Upwards EP - Tough Love Records)
23.48 Nephu Huzzband - Clockwork (from Should Have Used An Abacus single - Deep Recording Company)
27.03 Foundlings - Function Creep (previously unreleased)
29.26 Sunset Cinema Club - Reflex DJ (from Homina Homina Homina album - Knew Noise Recordings JP)
33.30 Collapsing Cities - So I Said Last Weekend (from Disguised As A Mall album)
37.08 O'Death - Lean-To (from Broken Hymns, Limbs and Skin album - City Slang)

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Next week we plumb greater depths of host-ineptness as Dan Ormsby of 4 Or 5 Magicians fame shares the blogcast mike with me. We'll be playing some recommendations from Dan, catching up on all things Magicians and No Doubt, there'll be ample waffle inbetween and no doubt there'll be ample waffle inbetween.

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