Monday, 20 October 2008

Public Service Blogcast Episode 6

The strongest set of submissions yet plus some classic/posthumous Fickle Public - ruined by a lackadaisical voiceover (I really shouldn't blogcast on a Monday).

Public Service Blogcast Episode 6
36 minutes 31 seconds
Recorded 20/10/08

00.29 The Jane Bradfords - Hide From The Cold (from self-titled album - Simple Tapestry Records)
03.31 Le Tetsuo - Chicken Shack (from Your Elbow limited 10” - Parlour Records)
05.53 Haemostatic Picnic Races - I'd Wear A Hat Like That If I Was From Yorkshire (from Helios! These Are Instructions album - Small Town Records, no relation)
09.48 Minnaars - Busy Hands (from forthcoming self-titled EP - Airbag Recordings)
13.13 Pulled Apart By Horses - High Five Swan Dive Nose Dive (previously unreleased - Big Scary Monsters)
16.51 We Are Trapped In Kansas - Our Bodies On Fire (from forthcoming debut EP When I Have Fears That I May Cease To Be - self-released)
21.26 In The Annexe - Galleries (previously unreleased)
25.47 De Jour - Run This City (previously unreleased)
30.04 My Tiger My Timing - This Is Not The Fire (previously unreleased)
34.03 Fickle Public - Revel Revel (previously unreleased)

If you have any feedback or want to get a track played, get in touch - email
Meet back here at the weekend for what went down at Rage Against The Joyriders plus another dose of the best new music taking up residence on the STA hardrive.

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Fickle Public will never die!