Saturday, 31 May 2008

Your english is good.

So the cat is, one might say, very much out of the bag: we are running a festival!

We're all (obviously!) very excited about this, as you may have been able to tell if you'd heard Ferris and I talking about it on Radio 1 the other night. We've been beavering away on this for a while now (pretty much since the last alldayer died) and it's already had a fair number of emotional ups and downs, so it's a huge relief to make it public. Hopefully you approve, and hopefully you'll snap up the earlybird tickets pretty quickly!

Thinly-veiled sales pitch over.

Today, I will mostly be burning CDRs of An Emergency's forthcoming album so I can do a promo run. This would be a lot easier if my burner (only about three weeks old) would let me burn more than one at a time, but it isn't. I don't know why. It burns the first CD, yet when it comes to the second it keeps telling me there's an "invalid block address". Still, it's marginally better than my old burner, which doesn't work at all. Glamorous life etc. I may head to Oxford later, as my friend Steve aka Jam On Bread (vetern of PSB Club #2) is playing with the wonderful Foxes!, and I fancy a night away from London. Plus, there are few better ways to go from drunk to hungover than on Oxford Tube somewhere on the motorway at 2am.

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