Thursday, 29 May 2008

The Town I Loved So Well

Holla atcha STA kids! I am now firmly ensconced in Derry City/Londonderry - this place is mad as fuck, but I'm into it. I thought moving from London Town to Ireland would have meant that the pace would have reduced but hell no! We've opened our new office and already new projects are flying through the door. So many that The Cake has been recruited to weather the storm - he needn't think that he's gonna get paid.

STA FACT: Phil Coulter (Author of The Town I Loved So Well and general Carnegie Hall botherer) - wants to collaborate with Cahir Fighting With Wire on some tracks. This is a real fact.

The most interesting thing about the last six weeks has been the fact that I'm actually working in a real record label office as opposed to mine and LC's back bedroom at Casterbridge Towers; it's a strange experience. Feels a bit dirty, where are those DIY credentials now Ferris?

So, FWW at Number 1 in the MTV2 chart - good news people, keep those votes flying in - Alan MX's record is finished and we've just signed a new band that I'm probably not allowed to talk about yet, lest Daniel beat me with a stick. Needless to say THEY ARE INCREDIBLY BRILLIANT.

Check this out it's Brad Junk Mag's exclusive re-mix (work in progress) of Captain America Video by Alan MX - how four to the floor-tastic is that?

Anyone hear the Huw Stephens BBC Session last night? We are DIY label of the week - it was awesome; replay details when we get them.

Somehow I can't see this idea taking off

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