Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New (Tenth!) Year for STA - It's Art Fucking Rock Okay?

STA is TEN years old, a fact of which I'm very proud (our official Tenth Birthday Party will be on Saturday, September 3rd 2011, commemorating the anniversary of STA001).

When the label began in '01 I didn't for a moment think that this project would have coloured my own life so much over the last decade. Arguably the main reason that Smalltown America still exists is the is the reason that we began in the first place - we don't like anyone to tell us that our ideas are bad ones.

In life, it's much easier to do things yourself and exist within a self-protectionist bubble than to go into battle with larger forces; we've been good at one thing - surrounding ourselves always with supporters rather than Naysayers. Fuck.You.Naysayers!

10/10/2000 - an e-Letter from Jamie (re JPL Lyrics) printed during the time that printing emails was not a bad thing to do

I feel that over the last ten years we've been brave and sensible in equal measure. We've always endeavoured to operate on the right side of 'self-destruct'. We're not afraid to take a chance on the music we love and we're always improving trying to get the business right behind our bands so they have a proper chance of a career doing the thing they love most in life. Making music.

I've rarely been more excited about a year's prospective output at our label. This is largely due to 2010 having been our busiest ever year (thanks to a great staff) and arguably our best in terms of reaching more and more of you with our releases.

Our bands now tour all over the world and the world listens to what they have to say.

Here's to a fearless 2011.

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