Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Cargo Collective October 2010

STA Recommends

Life! Death! Prizes!
Where Its At Is Where You Are CD
SHRAG are "bringing analytical attitude to the debased trade of pop and serving it up with bulldozing portions of raw guitar noise" MARVELLOUS

Black Square
Invada CD
A hybrid of Devo, Melt Banana, Janes Addition, Fugazi and the math rock genre mixed in a blender. Noise rocks by way of an amalgamation of influences.

Her Name Is Calla
The Quiet Lamb
Denovali CD
"…there can be no denying that Her Name Is Calla are one of the most daring, unconventional bands the UK has to offer right now." (Drowned in Sound)

Shield Your Eyes
Theme from Kindness
Function LP/CD
Like a stack of classic rock and blues tapes slit into pieces and reassembled Via some fragmented rhythmic interplay into something mind-bogglingly fresh and unique.

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