Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Public Service Blogcast Episode 54

This episode is a takeover from the mysterious and sickeningly inventive Lemonade Kangeroo, one of the best new electronic musicians unearthed in the blogcast series. In his own words - A kangaroo jumping up and down on a Midi Keyboard (actually USB), while kicking a computer stuffed with samples and, on the track Rowan, Tim (who I hope doesn't mind me using just his first name - it could be considered a bit forward as we haven't actually met) who has allowed me to use one of his amazing (bit brown nosey so far? am trying not to) poems in one of my mediocre songs! You may have seen Tim on the TV in Charlie Brooker's Screen/Newswipe or in Cowards - a BBC sketch show that was also a Radio 4 series (which I still haven't heard)

Public Service Blogcast Episode 54
39 minutes 42 seconds
Recorded 02/08/09
00.01 Lemonade Kangaroo - LK's Intro
02.31 Lemonade Kangaroo - Rowan ft. Tim Key
05.21 Lemonade Kangaroo - Missing Words
09.16 Sunken Foal - Can't Fuck The Moonlight (from Fallen Arches album - Planet Mu)
12.03 Dabrye - My Life (from Two/Three album - Ghostly International)
15.15 Lemonade Kangaroo - Clank
19.29 The Stranglers - Sweden (All Quiet On The Eastern Front) (from Black & White album - EMI)
22.17 Tiga - Shoes (from Ciao! album - 3201937 Canada Inc)
27.20 Lemonade Kangaroo - The Human
30.16 Exile - The Sound Is God (from Radio album - Plug Research)
33.20 Flying Lotus - Testament ft. Gonja Sufi (from Los Angeles album - Warp Records)
35.41 Aphex Twin - Logon Rock Witch (from Richard D James album - Warp Records)

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