Tuesday, 14 July 2009

It's pretty much a Thursday night for me...

Big news over at the STA site ---------> HERE.

Exciting, huh? FYI: that venue holds something silly like 1800 people. ASIWYFA - officially a big deal.

The subject line is because I'm off to the Latitude Festival on Thursday, thus I only have one more working day left before five days of FESTIVAL FUN. Here's a list of things I am looking forward too, in no particular order:

stalking Nick Cave, 65daysofstatic in the woods, Aiden Moffat's poetry set, Marnie Stern, Luke Haines just being there (he's cancelled at the last minute, WEEP WEEP), Ed Milliband doing a talk after a new film about climate change, Feeling Gloomy in the woods on thursday night, The Daily Edition, living on crepes and red bull for four days, St Vincent, Thom Yorke, of Montreal, The Vaselines, Mew, Spiritualized®, Pulled Apart by Horses, Jeremy Warmsley doing a set of Tom Waits and Daniel Johnston songs, and.... a lot more.

Anything I've missed? Any recommendations?

PS: check out Calories' Spotify playlist as well, it's super fun. Oneida! 4 or 5 Magicians! Even some Distophia!

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