Saturday, 20 December 2008

Public Service Blogcast Episode 14

Get past my flu-ridden intro and enjoy Andrew taking a look back at a pretty darned momentous year in the life of a Derry-based independent record label and playing some of the best submissions we've received this year.

Public Service Blogcast Episode 14
36 minutes 40 seconds
Recorded 20/12/08

00.40 Fanfarlo - Secret Codes And Letters (from self-titled EP - self released)
04.59 Robert Holmes - Amazing Grace (from Hazard Hill EP - Shanty Tramp Records)
08.06 Cutaways - Weapon Of Choice (from Start Stop! Start Stop! EP - self released)
12.28 Dan Against The World - Oh Emily (from OK In Tokyo EP - Stop Motion Records)
17.17 Mayors Of Miyazaki - Your Goose Is Cooked (from Buffalo! album - Tooting Bizarre Records)
19.38 Juta - Where (from Untwined album - self released)
24.42 Skibunny - Up Down
29.11 Here Comes The Landed Gentry - Leadbelly (from self titled EP - self released)
32.19 The Young Playthings - Whadaya Want For Christmas (from The Best Kids Christmas Album In The World Ever Ever Ever!!! compilation - Kids Records)

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