Sunday, 7 September 2008

Blog posts are like buses...

Big, red and smelly?

So this blog has been fairly neglected in recent months. FOR SHAME. What've we been up to during this time? Enjoying festival season for one - the STA crew have been "spotted" at two ATPs, Latitude, Truck, Indietracks, an almost-staff-day-out to the first day of Reading and Offset. Speaking from a personal point of view, Latitude is the best Big Festival I've ever been to and Indietracks the best Small Festival. Who knew that dancing to Beat Happening and Helen Love in a train shed in the middle of the Derbyshire countryside could be so amazing?

We've also been hard at work on our own festival, This Ain't No Picnic. There've been looooads of updates to the lineup since we last posted, so go check out the website. Only 3 weeks to go! I'm not nervous, really.

Aside from all of this though, we've been sorting out a lot of new releases. There are currently four new albums up for preorder on the STA store. The front covers look a bit like this:

Left to right that's Wrecked Angles by An Emergency (razor sharp art punk), Safekeeping by Hooray For Humans (more brazen Irish electro-pop), We Are Gathering Dust by The Light Sleepers (fuzzy, lo fi Moore / Malkmus / Tengo guitar jams) and Dirty Versions by We Versus The Shark (ballsy, mathy post-hardcore from the Deep South - our first ever release from an American band!).

If you do preorder any of them you'll get them early. Around two weeks before release date, to be specific. Isn't that nice? AREN'T WE NICE?

There's still loads more new stuff to come as well, including some more lovely vinyl.

I promise to update this more often. Now, go listen to Pocock's new podcast. I think I'm going to be in #3, fear it.

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