Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Chris T-T - Capital

I'm absolutely in love with the new Chris T-T album. It's called Capital, and came out via the wonderful folks over at Xtra Mile a few weeks ago. I suppose it's his first 'proper' album since 2003's London Is Sinking, although that only really works if you count 2005's 9 Red Songs as not a 'proper album', and I'm not sure why you would do that, 'cause it's great.

Errr, moving on. I've had a softspot for Mr T-T since I caught him playing a set on Leap Day 2004. I've always liked the way he's managed to combine wit with a level of insight about "things" that few songwriters ever seem to reach. Essentially, I really like how honest he's always been - I mean, how many people would release a single that contained the line "or if you’re fat like me"? Exactly.

He's always had a political bent to his songwriting, as shown most prominently (and deliberately) on 9 Red Songs, but this new LP manages to take this to a whole new level. Largely avoiding the issues-based songwriting of the previous LP, it instead takes a totally brutal "THIS IS YOUR FUTURE, IT'S KNOCKING ON YOUR DOOR, AND IT ISN'T GOOD" line. Suddenly, you're catpulted into a nightmare Children of Men-esque world where London is pinned down by terrorists blowing stuff up and tanks occupying the streets.

But you know what? Mr T-T is quite, quite happy to stick two fingers up to it all. The man who, seven years ago, scored a minor indie hit with a song about using alcohol to boost ones flagging self-esteem, is now singing "so if you want us, come and get us" and giving songs titles like "None Of Them Give A Fuck About The Future", and aiming it all squarely at the liars and cheaters who manipulate us for their own gain.

The end result is a strange mixture, because in a way it's vintage T-T - a record of angry, eloquant pop music - and yet it's so much more of a statement, of a complete experience than his previous records. It's a really brave, really honest album. I was expecting something good, but not this good. Go buy this record, I'm confident that you won't regret it.

Isn't music great?

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